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We offer corporate services in the following areas:

Partnership and Limited Liability Companies:

We routinely form partnerships and LLC’s which are to be used as operating entities, for real estate investment and development, and as part of more intricate multi-level structures.

Equity Compensation:

We have extensive experience in developing stock based compensation plans, both direct grant and options. We also advise on appropriate capitalization and structure for our start-up clients. Additionally, we can provide phantom or virtual stock plans and stock appreciation rights (SAR) plans.

General Corporate Counsel:

We are able to provide clients and in-house counsel advice on a variety of day to day matters, such as business agreements, employment issues, regulatory and other contract and legal matters. We also have an extensive network of other attorneys which allow us to address a broad range of questions when issues involving specialization arise.

Closely Held Companies:

Many of our clients are small, closely held businesses with issues relating to succession planning, buy/sell agreements and related issues. These types of situations tend to also be very tax sensitive, and involve special considerations with regard to corporate governance and shareholder matters. We also have substantial experience in dealing with Subchapter S corporations, which can be useful vehicles for many closely held companies.

Formation and Restructuring:

We routinely form new corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs), handle capital transactions, prepare stock option plans, and negotiate and draft employment agreements, stock purchase documents and other agreements relating to start-up matters. Additionally, as time goes on, you may find that the needs and goals of the business have changed. This could be the result of growth, addition or departure of principals of the business, general economic conditions, or numerous other factors. In such situations, it may be advisable to change the form of the business to better match the new direction the business is taking.

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