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Intellectual property rights are increasingly important in today’s business environment. They comprise a greater percentage of a business' value, and often are critical to success. At the same time, protecting those rights has become more difficult.

We have an active practice in the following intellectual property areas:

Intellectual Property

IP Licensing:

​One of the biggest issues confronting owners of intellectual property is how to obtain the maximum value for the assets. Licensing is usually a fundamental component of any asset valuation, and we can help create and preserve a revenue stream from such assets. Moreover, in some cases the primary focus is on freedom to operate, in which case a different strategy needs to be implemented to insure cross licenses are available in critical areas.

Joint Development:

We often are called on to advise on international standards organizations and intellectual property based joint ventures. These bodies develop substantial intellectual property assets which are then typically licensed pursuant to various standards. This type of work often involves the interplay between intellectual property, corporate governance, and antitrust issues.


Our services include prosecution of domestic and foreign marks throughout the world. Additionally, we offer all necessary services for opposition and cancellation actions. We can also advise on and assist in Uniform Domain Resolution Policy (U.D.R.P.) issues.


We assist in complicated copyright filings, often to deal with joint ownership or derivative works matters. Additionally, we can conduct reviews of asset portfolios and provide guidance on an effective monetization strategy. We also have extensive experience in dealing with software issues, including open source licensing matters.