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Business Contracts:

Companies need a comprehensive set of commercial contracts, including nondisclosure agreements, customer, supplier, vendor, oem, and distribution contracts. Otherwise, a business faces the unpleasant choice of incurring higher transaction costs or running the risk that there will be problems down the road. We can prepare a set of contracts for you based upon your needs and desires. And if due to business necessity it becomes necessary to negotiate a transaction from scratch, we can do that as well.

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Commercial Contracts

Employment Contracts:

In today’s marketplace, hiring and terminating employees has become a highly regulated affair. Failing to follow the rules can cause allegations by government agencies or litigation by employees. We consult on all phases of the employment relationship, whether you are hiring a key executive, reviewing sales and bonus plans, stock option plans, or want to make sure the company is in regulatory compliance. We are also sensitive to making sure that the client has an appropriate set of employment, independent contractor, nondisclosure and proprietary rights agreements in place. Finally, we work with clients to develop an employment practices strategy that fits their overall goals.

Revitalizing Business Relationships:

Revitalizing a business requires special attention to customer and supplier contracts, tax matters, and employee issues to maximize the chances of a business recovery. We can assist in the often unpleasant steps which may need to be taken to get a business back on its feet. Whether such actions involve negotiating payment arrangements with creditors, aggressive collection or factoring of accounts receivables, or workforce reductions, we have the experience to give your business a fighting chance.

We have an active practice in commercial contracts with an emphasis in the following areas: